About the studio

MBS Studio, a gaming developer and publisher, was established in 2021 with its headquarters in Singapore. The studio is a small team of artists, developers, storytellers, and business researchers who are dedicated to creating an unimaginable gaming experience. Our debut game is a blend of breathtaking visuals, narratives, thrill, and competition that defies a world full of adventure and mysteries. The studio’s top priority is its players, and they aim to take them on an unforgettable experience.

At MBS Studios, we accommodate a diverse community that believes in creativity and innovation. Our aim is to surpass their limitations and achieve unachievable targets on this adventurous journey. The employees are passionate about their work and put in all their effort to create the best gaming experience.


The team at MBS Studio is excited about their debut game’s release, and we cannot wait for players to experience all the hard work put into it. We believe that their game will provide an extraordinary experience that will keep players hooked for hours.

Our studio has high hopes for the future and plans to continue creating unique and exciting games that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. At MBS Studios, we believe that nothing is impossible, and we are always up for a new challenge.

Join MBS Studios on their journey to achieving the unachievable and experience the ultimate gaming adventure like never before.

Who we are

MBS Studios, founded in 2021, is a passionate studio currently developing its debut game. Our vision is to create an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience for players. We are home to diverse talents, including storytellers, programmers, and artists. Currently, we’re on our path to developing our debut game, which we believe will be a hit in the market.

Combining technology, graphics, gameplay mechanics, and storyline, we aim to transport players into a world with no bounds to their imagination. We can’t wait to show you what passion and creativity lie within us. Stay tuned for an extraordinary adventure like never before.

At MBS Studios, we strive to create games that transport players to a world where anything is possible. 

Join us on this journey, and let’s create unforgettable experiences together!

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